Welcome to our site, which we hope will give you a rich and interesting experience in discovering timelines on various subjects during all registered history.
You may display timelines, based on a variety of criteria. Fill the fields that you want to use to specify your timeline and leave the others blank. When you are done, just press the Create timeline button.
Here is the explanation of the fields you may use as criteria:
Optional title This is optional. You may enter an appropriate title, which will be displayed at the top of the timeline. If you do not fill this field, the title will appear just like "Timeline 1" or "Timeline 2."
Containing words Enter one or more words, without any commas or other special signs between them (example: war peace). All events containing one or more of these words will be included in the timeline.

You may use special characters to make the search for events more restrictive.

  • use + in front of a word to show only the events in which this word appears
  • use - in front of a word to exclude the events containing this word
  • use * at the end of a word to indicate a truncation
  • put some words inside quotes to indicate that they must appear as a phrase


  • explorer English will show all events where any of these words appear
  • +explorer +English will show events where both words appear
  • explorer -English will show events where explorer appears, but not English
  • expl* will include events which contain the words explorer, exploration, etc.
  • "staging platform" will include only the events where these words appear one after another, in this order

Restriction: only words of four letters or more are used in the search. Any shorter words will be ignored.

Dates between If you leave these fields blank, all events for the other criteria will be displayed, regardless of their dates. You may specify however a start date and/or a end date for the events to be included. If no end date is specified, then only events including and after the start date are displayed. If no start date is specified, then all events up to and including the end date are displayed.

All dates must be expressed in the form Month dd yyyy. The month may be reduced to the first three characters. Thus, you may enter January 1 2001 or Jan 1 2001.

Referring to subject If you know the name of a particular subject, you may enter it here. This is generally true of countries, but we obviously do not have all possible subjects in our database. You may search for available subjects by entering the first letters of the subject name and pressing the Search subject button. This will display a list of subject starting with those letters. You may click on one of these subjects to use it as a criteria.  
This day in history You may enter a date in the year, in the format Month dd (for instance Jan 21). Only events with this date will be displayed. Please be aware that this is a very restrictive condition and if combined with other conditions it may result in an empty timeline.